WANTED: PIC driver...

Finally, I've managed to fix all (at least up till now..) broken OF calls, and the kernel went further, to the place where devices are attached. Among them, there should be a PIC driver, which is missing... After adding the ofwbus driver which I got from Andrew, I've constructed a PIC driver skeleton from the sys/powerpc/powermac/hrowpic.c. The PIC was found to resist on the ofwbus3, and the attch method fails to allocate memory (nice screenshot on my wiki http://wiki.freebsd.org/Porting_FreeBSD_to_Efika_(PPC_bring_up)). Now I have to mutate the old mac driver to obey the mpc5k2 will... I've also created a new folder in the p4 branch, where all the stuff concerning MPC5200B will be stored. It's called ... mpc5k2 :)

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