still no luck, and a new problem

I've performed lots of experiments with the ofwreal.S and locore.S
sources in aim to try to remove the problem with the stack.
It does't work for now, but I've managed to overcome that by utilizing
some free registers. Now I've encountered yet another problem - the
kernel now crashes on the openfirmware entry in the fwentry(). It's probably
coused by a wrong address of the entry point, coming from the virtual
instead of the real addressing. Here's the crash site:
SRR0 0x00000000 SRR1 0x00083030 MSR 0x00003030
LR 0x004A0E70 CTR 0x00000000 CR 0x44002082 XER 0x20000000
I've made a small test by changing the address the firmware entry is supposed to
be at and I get slightly similar crash:
SRR0 0x01003ED8 SRR1 0x00003030 MSR 0x00003030
LR 0x004A0E70 CTR 0x00000000 CR 0x44002044 XER 0x0
The LR's point to the same location, the very next instrucion after branch to OF.
So I suppose it's the OF address, not just the argument addresing
that is responsible at the moment. I'm trying to find out how to translate an
address to the real mode. All help would be greatly appreciated...:)

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Andrew said...

From the kernel you can use vtophys to translate a virtual address to physical address.